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We know promoting a concert or an event can be extremely challenging, so, we are here to assist you every step of the way and take the edge off of the unknown while staying within your budget.

 After you have selected your Venue and your Artist(s), our professional full service Event Planning / Consultant Team will:

1) Negotiate and purchase on your behalf your radio spots with your local radio station(s);
2) Negotiate and purchase on your behalf your TV spots with your local TV station(s);
3) Design and print your full color flyers and posters;
4) Hire the best street team in your market who knows the ins and outs on how to get the marketing and advertising word out;
5) We will schedule the Artist(s) to call into the radio station for a telephone interview;
6) We  will schedule the Artist(s) to call into the local newspaper for a telephone interview;
7) We will also oversee and Artist(s) Rider and book the airline ticket(s), hotel room(s) local ground transportation and let you know what they want for their hot meal.

That's it, you will be completely satisfied with our Professional Team's Services (PTS).

Again, we'll take the edge off of the unknown.  Please inquire.

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