Comedian A.J. JAMAL is perhaps one of comedy's hardest working comedians, having conquered internationally the territories of television, film, concerts, colleges and comedy clubs with his captivating style. With credits that include a decade of television appearances, the comedian also served as host of his own show, the ACE Award nominated, "Comic Justice" on the Comedy Central Network. In fact, many remember Jamal from his early days, as part of the comedic core of "In Living Color." 

Comedian A.J. Jamal  has worked in venues from Radio City Hall to Caesar's Palace, and performed in concert with a bevy of top recording artists, including Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Cher and Kenny Loggins. His enchanting, G-rated persona has been captured on the screens of "The Arsenio Hall Show," "Comic Strip Live," A&E's "An Evening at the Improv," and "Def Comedy Jam. " comedian A.J. Jamal  has also served as the host of "Comedy in the Caribbean ," for the Arts & Entertainment Network. 

Transcending the world of comedy, Jamal is also an accomplished filmmaker and animator, with his own animation company, Green Machine Films. As the creative force behind "The Toonies" a series of animated shorts on BET's "Comic View" as well as the creator of two web-based animated shows, "Pookie Poo" and "Siskel & Ripple," Jamal boasts writer, producer and voice-over credits. Adding filmmaker to his list of accomplishments, with the completion of his independent feature, The Cheapest Movie Ever Made, comedian AJ Jamal  has proven that he knows no limits. 

A former I.B.M. computer engineer, Jamal's analytical and perceptive range is brilliantly parlayed into a comic vision that evokes laughter the moment he touches the stage. Comedian A.J. Jamal  possesses a theatrical gift and versatility that is evidenced in his every move, whether comedian A.J. Jamal is impersonating a wide range of characters or simply recalling some hilarious facet of human nature. 

Comedian A.J. Jamal has consistently demonstrated that he is more than simply a funnyman of comedy. As the host of Comedy Central's "Comic Justice," Jamal broke comedic ground, presenting us with images that ran the gamut of entertainment to information. A fun paced, urban showcase, "Comic Justice" spotlighted ethnic humor while incorporating stand-up and sketch comedy, as well as celebrity interviews. Arsenio Hall, Reverend Jesse Jackson and Sinbad are only a sampling of the personalities who were interviewed by Jamal for the show. Now with "The Toonies," "Pookie Poo," and "The Cheapest Movie Ever Made, Jamal continues to present us with the opportunity to glimpse his comedic genius at its best. Comedian A.J. Jamal  is on a career path that is continually expanding. And as long as comedy continues to be one of America 's favorite past times, comedian A.J. Jamal will remain in the forefront. A prolific talent, comedian A.J. Jamal  is fast on his way to becoming a comedic legend.






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