I have been blessed as having a flare for comedy since childhood. Born into a family as the black sheep out of six siblings and the product of an alcoholic parent, you couldnít help but to try to shock / surprise others. In school I was the bad boy getting in trouble with the school officials and then going to the streets and getting in trouble with the law. But I was able to escape from any trouble by using a comical sense of humor. By shocking individuals they forget what the heck they were reprimanding me for. Never accomplishing anything from school that was worth while because of my short cut mentality, I moved straight on to the lifestyle of straight hustling. There I developed my definition of a hustler. "A true hustler is a person who knows everything, can do anything, except fill out an application" It is all about your appearance and your talk.

So, how did I go from a hustler to a comedian? As I have stated before, I had a tendency of getting myself in trouble with the law. So one day while I was running from the police I ran into a comedy club and got on stage to hide out from the cops. As I was on stage I pretended to be a comedian, and actually ended up being kinda funny. I have  been doing stage performances since 1996 and have been termed as "King of the Underground" by Vibe Magazine. I have worked alongside such comedians/actors as: John Amos, Morgan Freeman, Mike Epps, Eddie Griffin, Danny Devito, Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg.

Through my comedy I am trying to reach the hip-hop mainstream and the x-generation get them to identify my style of comic relief. Most of my comedy consists of punch lines and characters, which were developed from an underground type of mentality. My stage performances are a cross between Martin Lawrence and The Godfather / Richard Pryor. The material I present is of a "Reality T.V. Style Funny." I work harder than James Brown and my one-man show is untouchable. My style is as O.G. as it gets and with a passion deeper than Romeo & Juliet. Iím truly the 50-cent of comedy, portraying the style of a gangster yet as loveable as Oprah appealing to all cultures and races across the board.

Over the last few years I have acted in four movies titled: How High, For the Love of Money, Watermelon Heist and Rude Boy. I have also been on a few tours, which have included Dr Dre and Eddie Griffin. There are two screen plays in which I am finishing up at this moment entitled Level Foe and Cali Dayz. In the future I would like to get involved with working in action movies, directing and continuing to write scripts.








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Prior Talent Consultant

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