SHAWTY SHAWTY, “WHAT MY NAME IZ????”, is one of Atlanta’s most exciting and energetic comedians today. His realistic approach to comedy is well received by young Americans and his timing and delivery can be appreciated by a much older crowd. His vibrant dance moves along with his sing-along raps make him a well - rounded entertainer.

Although Shawty Shawty once had dreams of becoming a dancer since the age of seven that quickly changed once Shawty Shawty hit the stage at the age of 18. Shawty Shawty made his mark and has left it in the hearts of Americans around the country.

Shawty Shawty has held national titles as the Bud Light Def Comedy Jam Talent Search 1998 1st place winner, Southeast Super Comedy Jam 1998 - second place winner, Best New Jack Comedian 1997, and the Canadian Mist Comedy Challenge Regional Winner in 1997.

Shawty Shawty has toured with some of the bigger name in comedy such as: BRUCE BRUCE, SHERYL UNDERWOOD, CHRIS TUCKER, DL HUGHLEY, J. ANTHONY BROWN, EARTHQUAKE, and many notable comedians.

Look for Shawty Shawty on one of your favorite networks this season as the crowd roars his name at the Apollo Theater on “SHOWTIME at the APOLLO” or on the new season of BET’s “COMIC VIEW”.  Shawty Shawty is not a stranger to the music industry. His cameo appearance on Ludacris’s latest the album, Word of Mouf, has earned him platinum success. Shawty Shawty has been showcased in numerous rap music video with the CLIPSE “NEVER HEARD IT LIKE THIS”, produced by the Neptunes, which showcases the immense talent of this animated comedian, Atlanta Rapper BONECRUSHER’s #1 Billboard chart topping single “NEVA SCARED”, LIL’ JON & THE EASTSIDE BOYZ “GET LOW” & “I DON’T GIVE A…”, and FIELD MOB’S “ALL I KNOW”.

“Never let anyone discourage you from your dreams. If you want to be a star, you are a star!”







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Prior Talent Consultant

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