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It's not an old piece of furniture nor is it a used baseball bat from the L.A. Dodgers. It's none other than the talkative companion of Ventriloquist Willie Brown. Woody is his name. Willie Brown's a slick, fast-talking, hilariously funny, wooden homeboy who can be seen regularly at the world famous Comedy Store or at The Laugh Factory on Sunset.

Ventriloquist Willie Brown and his partner, Woody, graced Tinseltown with their presence about a year ago. When asked how long it took for them to drive across country from Washington, D.C., Woody replies "six days!" "Six days, how do you figure that Woody?" says Willie Brown. "Well it took three days to drive from D.C. to the California State line, and it took three more days to get from the 10 to the 405!"

Originally from New Haven, CT, Willie Brown honed his craft as a comedian/ventriloquist in Washington, D.C. and began to travel abroad. Willie Brown's appeared on The Best of BET Comic View , HBO Def Comedy Jam , The Extreme Gong Show and other pilot TV programs. Willie Brown has headlined many comedy clubs throughout the country and has worked with the likes of Steve Harvey, Martin Lawrence, and D.L. Hughley to name a few.

Willie Brown and Woody recently appeared in the movie "Love The Way," a romantic comedy that co-starred Lisa Ray, Chris Spencer and other notables. Willie Brown has also made an impact on the commercial world by booking four commercials including a national spot for American Airlines. In his hard to find spare moments Willie Brown spends his time doing community service by performing at local schools in the Los Angeles area, and writing and developing screenplays and show concepts for himself and his partner Woody. So if anybody asks you, just tell him or her that it's "ALL WOOD!"

"My parents are from the south, but I was born up north in New Haven, Connecticut. I was raised as a city boy with a southern upbringing. We went to Immanuel Baptist Church, where I remember my parents being very involved. When I became twelve years old my father insisted that I make a decision to give my life to Christ and be baptized. So I did what he said, and thus began to have a real personal relationship with Christ.

"As a child and a young man I went through my trials and tribulations like any other Christian. I may have not have walked as strong on the Christian path as I would have liked to, but I never forgot who my Lord and Savior was. I rededicated my life to Christ on June 21, 1996. Since then I have had a much stronger walk with him. I have joined a church out here in in Los and am an active member of the choir and the Steward Board. This is actually the first time in my life that I have been so involved in God's work. God has truly blessed me with talent and ability. I can actually say that I am living my dreams. I work for myself doing exactly what it is that I want to do. I travel all over the world spreading joy and inspiration to others. What more can I really ask for?

"As far as my gift of comedy goes, I did not know that I possessed such a thing until just a few years ago. I thought that because I learned the art of ventriloquism through reading books that it was just something that I picked up. I did not know that it was God inspired and that I would be able to travel all around the world making people happy. I later realized that being a comedian is a true gift. And that making people laugh and being able to spread the gospel at the same time is so very special. Oftentimes I will be performing at a church or Christian function and the spirit will just take over and create jokes and material impromptu. It amazes me how God can use us if we allow him the opportunity.

"I believe that God uses me and my talents to inspire others through the gift of humor. Laughter is a healing medicine that no one should be deprived of."

I want to again thank you for the laughter. God is truly using you to teach us that Christianity isn't dull but fun with life and challenges. I really enjoyed meeting you and spending the evening.

Willie Brown is the only comedian-ventriloquist of our times.

Entertainment Weekly

A hype act that will have you standing to your feet.

Hollywood Reporter

Comedy Clubs
. The world famous Comedy Store
. The Laugh Factory, Hollywood, CA
. The Icehouse, Pasadena CA
. Headlining at many comedy clubs and churches across the country
. Willie Brown has worked with the likes of Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer, and D.L. Hughley.

Television & Film
. The Best of BET Comic View
. HBO's Loco Comedy Slam
. Def Comedy Jam
. The Extreme Gong Show
. Pilot TV programs and commercials
. Feature film, Love The Way, a romantic comedy co-starring Lisa Ray, Chris Spencer and other notables.
. Willie Brown also just finished writing, producing, and starring in his own film titled Footcops, a short comedy buddy film, featured in the Pan African Festival in February 2004.

. Performed for the troops in Bahrain, Mar/Apr 2004








Prior Talent Consultant

Prior Talent Consultant

Prior Assistant Talent

Celebrity Artist
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 - Los Angeles, CA